Question: What cyberthreats detect MyCyberthreats App?

Answer: We use the data that you did supply in the register for searching information leakage, sensible information leakage, financial information and threats in social networks, both Surface Internet and Deep Web.


Question: Why I must register me in the APP?

Answer: It's a privacy control to avoid other people access without authorization to the information of cyberthreats we find related to the data you supply in the register: email, country and other.


Question: Why I receive a token to validate my register?

Answer: We send you a token to validate the register because only the owner of the email should be able to access to the cyberthreats information that we find for him. Without the token validation anyone could use the application to access personal information about you.


Question: Is free the MyCyberthreats App?

Answer: Yes, the download in Google Play, Amazon Store and App Store is free, and have a free license that detect information leakage and sensible information leakage cyberthreats, but the found information will appear hidden. For view it you must buy at least a Person License.


Question: What should I do to reinstall the app in my mobile?

Answer: You must send an email with the email account you used in the register with subject Reinstall APP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.